These days, Brad Hompe can be found serving as a Corrections Complaint Examiner and Investigator for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (WI-DOC), but he has provided a wide range of services in prisons and jails throughout Wisconsin and nationally. Not only has Brad served as a prison staff employee, a jail inspector and as an instructor and trainer.

Due to his vast experience, Brad Hompe is looked upon as an expert in prison operations. And why not? There are few with as much extensive experience in virtually every aspect of jail operations, from planning and design, to policy development surrounding use of force, training and evaluation policy development and incident management. Many consider Brad an expert when it comes to food service, sanitation and maintenance, as well as fire safety. During his time with WI-DOC, Brad Hompe worked his way up through the ranks, beginning his career as a corrections officer, then a Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, unit manager and deputy warden along the way to becoming warden.