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How Brad Hompe Grew Into a Prison Expert During His Career

On Wisconsin prisons or even prisons in general, most other experts will acknowledge that Brad Hompe has very few peers. After all, he is among a select few career prison workers who has held nearly every position available in the prison system at one time or another, and most agree that he has done a remarkable job at every level. Besides his long time as a warden, he worked his way up through the ranks to get there, starting as a corrections officer, sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, unit manager and deputy warden along the way.

These days, Brad Hompe is considered very knowledgeable regarding every element of jail and prison development and operation, including use of force procedures and policies, the development and implementation of training programs, and the areas of evaluation and incident management techniques and policies. His expertise is so complete, he is also considered an authority on food service, sanitation and fire safety, among other areas.

Brad Hompe

Brad Hompe

Brad Hompe

Brad Hompe

Jail and Prison Expert Brad Hompe is the Product of His WI-DOC Experience

These days, Brad Hompe can be found serving as a Corrections Complaint Examiner and Investigator for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (WI-DOC), but he has provided a wide range of services in prisons and jails throughout Wisconsin and nationally. Not only has Brad served as a prison staff employee, a jail inspector and as an instructor and trainer.

Due to his vast experience, Brad Hompe is looked upon as an expert in prison operations. And why not? There are few with as much extensive experience in virtually every aspect of jail operations, from planning and design, to policy development surrounding use of force, training and evaluation policy development and incident management. Many consider Brad an expert when it comes to food service, sanitation and maintenance, as well as fire safety. During his time with WI-DOC, Brad Hompe worked his way up through the ranks, beginning his career as a corrections officer, then a Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, unit manager and deputy warden along the way to becoming warden.

Brad Hompe Has Been Serving the Corrections Industry Well for Years

These days, Brad Hompe’s career has him working as a Corrections Complaint Examiner and Investigator for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (WI-DOC), but that is just the latest stage of a long and storied career. Brad has worked at every level of the corrections system on his way there, including time as warden eventually, although he worked his way up the chain, starting as a corrections officer, a sergeant, a lieutenant, a captain, a unit manager and a deputy warden all along the way.

Brad Hompe began his career in the field of corrections and criminal justice by making sure he had enough education to draw from. He started that pursuit by earning a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice and psychology from Winona State University in Minnesota, but then followed that up by obtaining a Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. In furtherance of his education, Brad Hompe also has been certified in law enforcement by Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire and Alexandria Technical College in Alexandria, Minnesota and he is certified as a Firefighter I, an honor he earned from Southwest Technical College in Fennimore, Wisconsin.

In addition to his education, of course, Brad Hompe has lots of experience in many areas of jail and prison operations. That is because he has worked in a number of prisons and in many areas. That said, his greatest experience may be in the areas of program development and implementation, something he has engaged in at prisons and jails throughout Wisconsin and throughout the country. These days, Brad is considered to be an expert on prison operations, primarily based on the knowledge he gained from his experience in all aspects of jail operations.

Implementing Change – Brad Hompe

There have been studies on how people handle change and it shows that overwhelmingly people tend to fight change. Humans are creatures of habit and a disruption to that habit can feel invasive. When it comes to a profession, it can feel even more uncomfortable to have a routine or process changed and this is where Brad Hompe comes in. Brad Hompe works in the jail and prison sector of business and understands that many challenges that come with implementing changes into the prison and jail systems. He looks at embracing new processes as a puzzle to solve and prides himself on being able to help motivate others to also embrace change.

When beginning a new process, you first need to prepare yourself and your team for the unforeseen potential pitfalls. Brad Hompe has had many years spent in jail design, training and jail construction and has worked on these types of projects in a variety of roles. He has thus become a man that has learned how to both implement change and train said changes to employees. These steps create an environment that allows for a smooth transition. In addition to his willingness to embrace challenges and change, Brad Hompe has expert knowledge in jail planning and jail design. Having a well rounded knowledge of his field makes him an ideal candidate for any of the positions that require these skills.